I am Julie Mullen.  By training I am a Computational Fluid Dynamicist, which means that I learned a lot about numerical scientific computing and High Performance Computing (HPC) along with fluid dynamics.  These days I work as a Research Software Engineer (RSE),  a description applicable to anyone who writes software for research applications.  In particular,  I consult with researchers who are scaling research applications and teach people about HPC, what it is, how to use it and most importantly, how you can use it to advance your research.  For more information on my educational initiatives, please visit the Training and Education tab.  

In addition to my work activities, I am continuing my own personal learning journey.  During the pandemic I picked up fiddle and started learning Irish.  Tá mé ag foilgham Gaeilge (I am learning Irish.) My Scottish Dancing was limited to Zoom and that afforded me the opportunity to meet and "dance" with people from around the country and world. While I am back out in the world, it was and remains nice to have the chance to explore further from home.